BTDigitizer is a driver for inexpensive Brooktree BT848/BT848A/BT849A/BT878/BT879 and Connexant Fusion 878/879 based video input cards. I wrote this driver as these types of cards are readily available and inexpensive, and ideal for low end video work. While I have found the video quality of this type of card to be generally very good, depending on the quality of the card there may be slight noise or interferrence wich would make this type of solution less than ideal for production or studio quality work. I have also had problems with the digitizer not synchronizing with poor quality VHS tapes.

Currently this driver only works in Component Y'CbCr 4:2:2 mode at 720x486 NTSC and 720x576 PAL and SECAM.

Currently only the composite and SVideo inputs are supported

This driver has been tested with the IMS Turbo TV card (Bt848 based), TView99 card (Bt878 based), AVer-EZCapture (Fusion 878 based), and the FlyVideo 2000S (Fusion 878 based). Composite video input does not appear to work on Haupage cards, I will be addressing this in a future version. It should work with many other cards based on the same chipset, please drop me an email at the address below if you find it does or doesn't work with other cards.

Send any feedback or bug reports to

To install BtDigitizer, just drop the BtDigitizer in your Extensions folder, and restart your computer.

27 Feb 2002: Version 1.1 is now available, it adds support for older PowerMacs, and includes a Y'CbCr 4:2:2 compression component, which allows it to be used with Final Cut Pro.

Click here to download BtDigitizer 1.1 (StuffIt archive - 9k)


Last modified 19 April 2003. Copyright 2001-2003 Glenn Anderson.