DIMM First Aid

DIMM First Aid is an application for checking and repairing the settings in the SPD EEPROMs on SDRAM DIMMs.

DIMM First Aid 1.2 is now available. Version 1.2 adds support for the QuickSilver G4, and can now check DIMMs on the Beige G3. Reporting the speed of PC133-222 DIMMs has been fixed. DIMMs that are incompatible with newer Macs are no longer reported as incompatible on the Beige G3 and B&W G3.

New in DIMM First Aid 1.1: support for the new iBook, can now check DIMMs on the PowerMac G3 B&W and the PowerMac G4 PCI graphics, and reports the speed rating for DIMMs. Version 1.1 also checks for DIMMs that use chips that are incompatible sizes, such as 64Mx4 chips used on single bank 512MB DIMMs and 32Mx4 chips used on single bank 256MB DIMMs.

Incompatible 256MB and 512MB DIMMs: 256MB DIMMs made from one bank of 16 32Mx4 chips and 512MB DIMMs made from one bank of 16 64Mx4 chips are not compatible with the G4 AGP Graphics, the slot loading iMac, and later models of Mac. They will only work in the Beige G3, the B&W G3, and the G4 PCI Graphics. If you are buying a 256MB or 512MB DIMM and you are not sure if it will work on a Mac, do not buy DIMMs that have a single bank made from 16 chips, make sure it has two banks of 8 chips each, or for 256MB DIMMs one bank of 8 chips or two banks of 4 chips are also OK. Incompatible DIMMs may also be identified as having 32Mx4 chips (for a 256MB DIMM) or 64Mx4 chips (for a 512MB DIMM). DIMM First Aid will identify these DIMMs as having an incompatible number of column address bits. DIMM First Aid can not fix these DIMMs.

Click here to download DIMM First Aid 1.2 (StuffIt archive - 8k)


Last modified 15 January 2003. Copyright 1997-2003 Glenn Anderson.